Flexo Printing

There aren’t many scientific papers addressing the key step in flexo printing which is the actual printing process where rubber+ink meets the substrate then rubber leaves the substrate with … well, with what? This lack of science is rather sad because there is another aspect of flexo that has been a great mystery: solid colours […]

Anilox Rolls

Anilox Rolls Choose

Anilox Rolls | Practical Coatings Science | Prof Steven Abbott Anilox Rolls Quick Start There are some surprisingly tricky trade-offs in choosing the right anilox cell pattern. If you want a reasonable % transfer, say 40-50% then the choice of Print and Anilox LPC (multiply by 2.5 if you want LPI), Depth and ink Viscosity […]


New Anilox Rolls or Anilox Roll Resurfacing and Repair

Ceramco Printech provides the marketplace with technically superior laser anilox rolls that imporve the printing process. Advanced fabrication techniques, CNC machining, thermal sprayed coating and laser engraving, produce rolls that exceed OEM specifications.   Mechanical Engraved Anilox Rolls AST roll reconditioning Stainless steel corrosion resistant overlay Carbon Steel Overlay   Cell Volume Measurement Anilox roll […]